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Drone Photo

​An hour of aerial photography 

Perfect package for aerial photos of a villa, a place of receipt or a remarkable monument. The images provided may enhance a website or presentation brochure .  

Start at 289$

Additional charges apply for all editing , sound ( narrator ) .

travel expenses of 50 cents per km will be added or fixed agreement discussed.

All prices listed above are subject to change without notice.

All rates listed are in Canadian dollars .

Drone inspection flux

​An hour inspection in direct flow

This small package includes four elevations of the drone equipped with Full HD 4K camera in direct flow on the monitor. It can cover one remarkable site in aerial image , perhaps a solution for a quick inspection of a building , a construction site or aerial images of a house .

From $ 389

Drone Vidéo

An hour of shooting 

This little formula of aerial video  can be the solution to illustrate a site in the production of an advertising clip or institutional . It includes four elevations of 10 minutes  allowing the development of a place, air visually or low level  Steadycam style ...

From $ 389